MIDI Matrix

Unlock the full potential of arpeggiation and sequencing with MIDI Matrix - a versatile, dynamic plugin for Ableton Live that adds depth, movement and color to your music.


MIDI Matrix stands out from other arpeggiators by treating each incoming note separately, allowing you to create multiple, intricate rhythmic patterns.

Fully Customizable

The fully editable patterns and settings let you achieve any sound you desire.

Integrated MIDI Effects

Contains a handful of MIDI effects, allowing you to further tweak and shape your sound.

Live Performance Ready

Tested and optimized for live performance, with a low CPU footprint and zero latency.

Featuring MIDI Matrix

These tracks showcase the versatility and dynamic nature of MIDI Matrix, as well as its ability to add depth, movement, and color to your music.

Home Album Art


This track demonstrates how MIDI Matrix adds organic textures, intricate arpeggios and a bit of randomness to piano sounds, elevating the emotional depth

Running Album Art


This track highlights the versatility of MIDI Matrix as all the synth melodies and arpeggios are created using it, resulting in intricate rhythms and unique soundscapes

Origin and Inspiration

MIDI Matrix was created as an affordable alternative to the amazing Ólafur Arnalds Stratus library by Spitfire Audio, but with the added benefit of being even more customizable.

Get in on Gumroad


  • Includes presets and a demo project to help you get started quickly

  • The "Ghost Pianos" rack is inspired by Stratus Pianos and included in the demo project

  • Email support is available to assist you in case you need help or have any questions

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