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Creative MIDI Plugins for Ableton Live

An ever-growing collection of creative MIDI effects, Ableton Live Racks and Max for Live devices, available on Gumroad!

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    synth matrix

    Synth Matrix

    The definitive six voice polyphonic arppegiator. Includes access to Bass Matrix, a multi-pattern bass sequencer.
    ghost pianos

    Ghost Pianos

    (legacy product) A semi generative Piano rack for Ableton Live 11 inspired by Ólafur Arnalds' Stratus pianos.
    chamber motions

    Chamber Motions

    An addon rack for the Ableton Live String Quartet pack by Spitfire Audio, inspired by the Symphonic Motions Library.


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    Synth Matrix is Amazing. A big thanks here from us at Makunouchi Bento!

    Felix P - Romania
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    This is really nice, thanks for the download.

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    Thanks very much, very creative and innovative. it's amazing. best wishes!

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    Thank you for a great musical tool, I have been really enjoying Ghost Pianos - Ableton Live Rack that I purchased last week.

    ANONYMOUS* - Japan
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Synth Matrix
The Definitive Polyphonic Arpeggiator

Synth Matrix is a feature-rich polyphonic arpeggiator, inspired by Ólafur Arnalds' Stratus Pianos.
  • 6 Independent arpeggiator voices.
  • Matrix control grid to change patterns.
  • Build in MIDI effects.
synth matrix device